Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's That Time

I'm still battling 7th graders (it's a three day assignment).  I'm not sure why I've been asking them these questions.  It's probably because I'm trying to distract them from whatever inappropriate conversation they're having en route to getting them back on task.

Today's topic was Ghostbusters.

I've seen several students wearing this image on T-shirts lately.  By lately, I mean since at least January (though I might have seen them as early as November).  I thought this curious.  The movie is 25 years old and not really all that "cool".

But everything '80's seems to be "cool" again.  The cut off jeans (although this was a throwback to the '60's at the time).  Rubik's cube (I see kids with these all the time).  And '80's theme dances and dress up days are way too frequent.

The boy told me that there are new Ghostbusters video games coming out.  Ah ha!  That makes some sort of sense.  Although, I wonder why they'd bring this franchise back.  

I guess we're due.  It's time for the '80's revival.  Why???

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