Monday, June 1, 2009

Intricate Project

"What project is 1st period working on?" 6th period asked me today.

This teacher taught a different section of math each period.  On the board she had a grid with each period's assignment written out.  1st period had "project" written as the objective.  

"They're playing Monopoly," I told the class.

"Monopoly?  I thought they were playing Risk," one boy said.

I guess it was Risk last week.  

1st period was AP calculus.  They took the AP test in May (either the second or third week).  They are done.  So, at this time of year, all AP classes go into free time mode.  Some teachers show movies.  Some let the classes be.  This group is playing board games.  (Well, there's only five of them, so why not?)

However, they weren't playing Monopoly today.  The two boys who were winning had Spanish homework to finish, and the rest (who weren't doing so well) were ready to be done with the game.  (They were continuing a game that they left off on Friday.)

Yep, sometimes I'm just the babysitter.  

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