Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Ever Ending Story

I went to see Up yesterday. I know, I'm a bit late and all, but there's nothing else in the theaters that I actually want to see. And I was in the mood for a movie.

I was late. The show started at 2, but it was more like 2:05 when I found my seat, and the theater lights were still on. Then the lights went down and the sound started, but there were only flashes of picture. I wondered for a bit if they were going all subliminal on us, but when the lights came back up, I was reminded of another movie I went to see a long time ago when I was still a kid.

The movie was The Neverending Story. It got a new title after we went to see it, because we had all sorts of technical difficulties. I think the movie stopped three times, though it could have been more. We missed a five minute portion of the movie due to what we thought was a break in the film. It was a disaster, and the theater was packed.

Although, this wasn't as bad as when I saw Candleshoe in elementary school. This was a school showing. Someone screwed up and switched reels on us, so we ended up seeing the ending before the middle.

So, the mess up with Up wasn't so bad. The manager came in and told us they were having technical difficulties--something about the bulb in the projector. They got it up and running for about a minute before the bulb "burned out" again. But the third time was the charm, and we got underway only 20 minutes late.

The wait was worth it. Good movie. And if worse had come to worst, there was another showing at 2:50, so we would have gotten a chance to see the movie anyway.

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