Thursday, June 11, 2009

An Elephant on Campus

The school year is just about over.  Today was "check out day" for the seniors--after today they are no longer at the school (although their graduation is next week).  We're getting down to it, and it shows.

I arrived at school early as always.  As I walked to my classroom for the day, I noticed that there were a lot of gawkers standing around.  They were all looking up.  And as the teachers were the ones who seemed the most interested, I stopped and looked around as well.  I didn't see anything.

I looked up in the trees.  Nothing.  But the two custodians in the cart were looking at something.  Then I saw it.

On the outside of the school theater is a large painting of the school mascot.  The face had been replaced with the head of an elephant.

Students were taking pictures.  Adults were wondering how anyone had gotten to the mural (it's a good ways up).  Who had done it?  Why?  None of the local rival high schools' mascots is an elephant, so why an elephant?

I had to get to work.  Luckily, my classroom was in viewing range of the modified mascot, so when one of the students said that the elephant head was washing off, I could look and see that indeed, the elephant head was coming off easily.  A custodian was on a huge ladder, and he appeared to be scrubbing at the artwork.  The gray easily yielded to show the mascot's face underneath.  

By the end of first period the elephant was a memory, only living on in students' cell phones.

Only once during the day did I hear any speculation about who had done it.  I may never know.  That's the thing about subbing.  I'm here one day, there another, so sometimes I don't get to hear all the latest news.  I hope I do though.  I am curious.

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