Monday, May 11, 2009

Ye Ol' Seat Swap

The boy's seat was near the door.  He wore his hair in cornrows, and before the period started he yelled out the door to someone he called Musclehead.  I noticed him.

When the boy got up and moved to the other side of the room, I noticed.  I told him to go back to his seat.  He argued, but eventually he did as I instructed.

Of course, he was not the only one who attempted the swap.

Freshmen.  In some ways they are very like middle schoolers.  Keeping them in their assigned seats is vital.  They don't have the maturity to sit near their friends and behave.

Brandon's big mistake was asking for a hall pass.  After he left I wrote his name down (I keep track of who leaves class), and he had left a seat labeled Raul on the seating chart.  An African-American named Raul?  Not likely.

I looked around the room trying to locate the real Raul.  That's how I figured out what Brandon's real name was.

I went over to Raul and asked him why he had moved.  He claimed that he was Brandon.  The neon green "Raul S." emblazoned on his backpack told me that he was lying.

For the rest of the period Raul and Brandon called each other by the other's name.  At this point they knew they weren't fooling me (they were in their actual assigned seats), but it had become a game to them.  

The games they play.  Sigh.

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