Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Class That Would Not Start

Before snack at the continuation high school, the principal got on the PA to make two announcements to the students.  (1) As a fundraiser, the student council would be selling nachos.  (2) The "lunch" was free for Cinco de Mayo and as a thank you for them doing well on testing (which was Tuesday and Wednesday).  

Never mind that if some food is free, the likelihood that the students will buy the other food is slim.  Snack was busier than normal.  And when the bell rang to end snack, the kiddos weren't moving.

About half my class hovered at the door.  Since more students were outside than in classes, I couldn't convince them to come inside.  Rather than fight a losing battle, I decided to wait it out.  

Then the principal came back on the PA to say that there was more food if anyone wanted it.  Third period should have started five minutes prior, but 90% of my class left.  

About a half hour after third period should have started, the principal announced that all students should be in class.  Then the students returned, and I could take roll.

Did they do any work after this?  Of course not.

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