Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I had a rough day today.  7th graders.  

I battled them all day.  They were supposed to look up their spelling words in the dictionary and write out the definitions.  They didn't want to.  Unfortunately, they found other ways to occupy their time.  

One boy kept moving from the back far corner that was his assigned seat to a seat closer to the front.  He did this like three times.  Each time I asked him why he had moved.  Each time he replied that he couldn't see the board from his seat.  And each time I told him that he did not need to see the board.  You'd think he would have gotten the hint!

It amazed me how long and hard they'd argue with me about the assignment.  If they had spent half the energy doing the assignment that they spent resisting the assignment, they would have been done in no time.

I'm tired.  I need an easy day tomorrow.

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