Thursday, May 21, 2009

No Limbo

Sometimes the things that come out of my mouth surprise even me.

"Don't play limbo in class."

The boy was walking down the aisle to his seat.  A girl had her feet up on the chair across the aisle, blocking the path.  Her legs were about a foot off the ground.  Rather than step over her or ask her to move, the boy said that he could go under her.  He started preparing to lean back, and that's when I issued the above warning.  

But I'm not the only one who says crazy stuff in class.  

I had the air conditioner on all day.  It wasn't a hot day, but the room got very stuffy.  The A/C wasn't working all that well.  It was blowing air, but the air wasn't very cold.  I got several complaints.  "Turn on the A/C," to which I replied, "It's already on.  Can't you hear it?"

The period after the limbo incident, a boy walked into class and told me this:

"It's hotter than a slave ship in here."

Okay then.  That beats my limbo comment and then some.

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