Friday, May 1, 2009

It Makes Sense

"We're so happy you're here.  Mr. L is mean.  He gave me 5 referrals this year.  He throws us out for no reason at all."

A student in 4th period told me this.  As he was talking to me, there was a group of students sitting on top of the desks in the back of the room.  When the bell rang, I had to insist to get them to sit in desks and to go to their assigned seats.  I had to ask for attention a couple times before I got it.  

1st and 2nd periods were completely different.  They came in quietly.  They were not talking when I gave instructions.  They did the assignment (busywork--read magazine, write summary) quietly.  When they finished the assignment, they found other work to do.  Two perfect classes.

The boy with the 5 referrals?  He spent time roaming the classroom until I insisted that he remain seated.  Two girls tried to swap seats.  A group of students sat and visited all period.  And this group was loud.  

I understood why Mr. L was so hard with this class.  What's sad is that they don't.  

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