Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Bad Time to Have a Cough

Cough, cough.

"SWINE FLU!  You've got the swine flu."

About a month ago I came down with a cold/allergies.  I was pretty miserable off and on through spring break.  I'm just about all better now except for this lingering cough.  A cough that is no way related to the current flu outbreak.  

I covered an English class today.  I had to do my introduction, take roll, and put in the CD (they were reading along with Night by Elie Wiesel).  I barely coughed for the majority of the period, but right at the beginning when I had to talk, that's when I couldn't not cough.  Ugh!  

Every class accused me of having the swine flu.  On the one hand, it's good that they're aware of this thing.  I've noticed an increase in students using hand sanitizer.  They're all being very careful.  But on the other hand, they're letting the hype get to them.  Being careful is one thing.  Being paranoid isn't going to do any of us any good.

I kept my coughing to myself.  And for the most part the students let my coughing pass.  

And now the jokes start.  One student claimed to have the swine flu.  He wanted to get out of school.  As he looked perfectly healthy and didn't press the issue, I doubt that he's sick.  

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