Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Squeaky Floor

Today I was covering a middle school algebra 1 class.  They had to take their benchmark tests (to make sure that they're learning what they should be learning).  Generally, algebra 1 in the middle school is a pretty good class (as opposed to high school...algebra 1 high school classes generally have the lowest of the low).  

Once I passed out the tests, my main task was to remain awake.  I circulated throughout the room just to make sure they weren't doing anything they shouldn't while testing (they weren't).  

The floors of the classrooms at the back of the campus all have squeaks in them somewhere.  I found several squeaks in this class.  These weren't cute little squeaks but loud and low monster noises.  I found them early.  And I kept finding them.

There's nothing quite as bad as walking over a squeak when a class of thirty-odd students are working silently.  So, I tried to avoid the squeaky spot.  But it's hard to judge just where that squeak is, and so I managed to hit it a few times every period.

Of course, then I'd try to minimize the noise by stepping carefully, only that made the squeak worse.  And I flinched every time I hit it.  

I should bring masking tape with me to school.  Maybe then I'd figure out how to avoid the squeaks.

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