Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Runaround

It's standardized testing time around here.  The subbing workload has been light.

Today I was called in to cover a science teacher, but I don't get to cover the testing.  During testing time we subs sat in the teachers' lounge waiting to be sent to various classrooms to relieve proctors for bathroom breaks.  The testing session lasted from the start of school until noon.  We subs were busy.

About twenty minutes before the scheduled snack break, the secretary asked one of us to go and cover Mr. O's class during that snack break.  I volunteered.  So, I made sure to eat something, use the bathroom, and then a couple minutes before break was to begin I headed out to the classroom.  I got there just before the bell.  I walked into the classroom so that the teacher could head out right at the bell.  I had it planned perfectly.

Mr. O intercepted me quickly.  The situation had changed.  He no longer needed coverage.  Okay, fine.  I turned around and headed back to the teachers' lounge.

The bell had rung by this time, so the campus was covered with students.  I still managed to run into one of the other subs on my way back.  She told me she was headed to Mr. O's class.  I told her that I had just come from there.  

Apparently, the teacher called the office to complain that a sub never arrived for snack.  I couldn't understand why.  I got there before the bell.  The other sub continued on her way, and I went in search of the secretary.

I told the secretary what had transpired.  She called the room to find out what was happening.  

That's when the teacher who was covering the testing for the teacher I was subbing for came up to the office.  As their tests were complete, it was my job to take the classroom for the remainder of the testing time (a room full of 9th graders with nothing to do for an hour--joy!).  

I headed out to my classroom for the rest of the day.  On the way I ran into the same sub.  She was returning from Mr. O's class.  He sent her back as well.

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