Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another Opportunity

Today and tomorrow I'm in an opportunity class.  I may have mentioned these classes before.  These are the kids that did nothing in their regular classes, so they've been given one last chance to stay in the traditional school.  If they don't take advantage of this chance, they may be alternatively placed.

Yeah, these are the kids that aren't very self-motivated, so I wasn't surprised when most of them spent the day writing their names in bubble letters rather than doing the history assignment.  More of them worked than I expected, though.

My lesson plan stated that they got a 20 minute break.  They told me that the break actually lasted all of 3rd period.  So, when I tried to get them back into the class after a half hour, they fought me.  Sigh.  

It wasn't as terrible today as I expected.  But those kids can be draining.  I just wish they would realize the opportunity that they are throwing away.

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