Friday, April 24, 2009

Rapt Attention

Today was day 2 with the opportunity class.  After they took their spelling test I was to put in a video.  They were excited that a video was on the lesson plan until they learned that it was a history video.  Then they were disappointed.  Oh well.

As usually happens, the video had not been rewound after the last viewing.  So, while we were waiting for the video to finish rewinding, I turned on the TV.  Usually all I get is a blank screen, but this time the TV had some reception, and Good Morning America was on.  

This story was on when I turned on the TV.  The entire class was mesmerized.  I had silence and attention.  The video finished rewinding, but instead of interrupting I left the show on.  I was not about to ruin that wonderful moment of them focused on something other than acting out.  

But the story eventually ended, and a commercial came on.  It was time to start the video.  All I got were groans.  And they proceeded to ignore the video for the remainder of the period (not even bothering to take the required notes).  

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