Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Still a Pawn

Last week I finally got some assignments booked ahead.  Today was the first of these.  When I got to the school, however, I was told that I had been switched to another site.  Oh great!

Two assistant principals were in the office at this time, and both of them complained.  One said that I couldn't leave, and the other said to tell the sub caller that I was out of gas and couldn't leave.  (It's nice to be appreciated.)  Unfortunately, they were overruled, and I got in my car and went to the other school.

I was late, of course.  It isn't that the schools are that far apart.  But it was drop off time, so the traffic was crazy (I'm usually early enough to avoid this traffic getting into the school parking lot).  

I got to the secretary at the other school only to be told that I was supposed to have stayed at the first school (the sub caller found someone else to fill the second school's gig).  Insert scream here.

Some days I'm just the pawn.  

Rather than have me run back, the sub caller had me stay at the second school as an extra sub.  This means that I was there for extra duties.  Library work.  Instructional assistant stuff.  It's nice to break the job up a little, but it's a little irksome when I had an assignment already lined up.  

At least today I didn't have to strain my voice trying to get kiddos to behave.

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