Monday, September 5, 2022

And Then It Was Done

It was finished last Monday the 29th in the evening. 

The finishing went easily. I was rather expecting something to go wrong. I attached the horn and tacked down the front of the mane (although that part happened Sunday night). 

I rather like how the pink horn works with the black hat and purple and light blue mane. You don't really seek the sparkly of the yarn I ordered from Denmark, but I assume under lights it should shine. 

The last bit, that I did Monday night, was to add the braids down by the ear flaps. I had been worried about this part as I was to use the hat yarn and the mane yarn, but I was just about out of mane yarn. (That is, the purple. I still had plenty of the blue.) 

In the end, through a misreading of the instructions, I ended up making the ear flap braids half the thickness from the pattern's pictures. But I rather like them this thin. And, this was all the purple I had. 

So, it's done. Now all that's left is packing this up and mailing it off. 

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  1. Whoot! Whoot! Whoot! She’s quite a beauty, Liz.

  2. Well done Liz - looks amazing ... cheers Hilary

  3. That looks fantastic! I have zero talent. The most creative thing I ever made was an ashtray made with popsicle sticks and Elmer's Glue at summer camp.

  4. I think your recipient is going to be very happy!

  5. Hey. That's super cool! You make such great things!

  6. Congrats on finishing it. It's a cool hat.


    There's a crochet artist in Australia I really admire. She calls herself Helena the Creatrix or something. Her name is Helena Post. I reckon you'd love some of her stuff. She did an amazing crochet birth on you tube 😁 I think it would be easy enough to find

  8. That looks awesome! I like size of the braids you did. It seems like they'd be out of proportion to the mane if they were much thicker.

    1. Double the size. Yeah, they looked a bit thick in the example pics, so I'm happy with them as I did them.

  9. I cant see how she will not love it. Great colours and love the whole look.

  10. It looks amazing and the pink horn does seem shiny in the photos.

  11. Wow, it looks amazing! Well done, this hat is fun and sparkling!


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