Tuesday, September 13, 2022


Speculative fiction has a long history of taking the issues of the day and reframing them in a new context with the hope that people will look at them in a new way. Our "unprecedented" times are bringing all sorts of old ways and old thinking back to the forefront. On Tuesdays, I present "what if?" questions. Previously, the intent was as an idea generator. It still is. But now, I ask that you really think about all the repercussions that these ideas will have. If only these were just thought exercises. 

What if our current polarization of opinions (yes, the same question as last week) was an unintended consequence of corporations only looking out for maximum profits? (Like, for example, a media corporation pushing a story that is problematic, but it's popular, so it sells ads.)


  1. I believe corporations plan for them to happen and quite happy when they work out.

  2. I'm pretty sure they do it on purpose and have a plan either way. It doesn't matter to them how they make a buck as long as they make it.

    1. And that's the problem. When it's all about money, humanity gets lost.


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