Thursday, October 14, 2021

Subbing with a Sub

For period four, the lesson plan read: "I have a student teacher. He will take care of everything." 

Yeah, I know.

I've known Mr. D for a few years now. He's one of the subs I'm on friendly terms with. We talk. 

He decided to go back and get his credential. (I know the whys and wherefores of this because as I said, we talk.) He started in 2019. 

I ran into him on the second day of school. He told me he was student teaching this semester, and one of his master teachers was Ms. A (from my long-term gig in February/March)

So, when I got the assignment, I knew I'd be running into Mr. D. 

I've worked with student teachers before. Working with a friend is different.

There was no hesitation. He asked me to take roll and deal with restroom passes so he could focus on reading with the class. (Eleventh grade English. They were reading The Crucible.) So, I took roll and dealt with restroom passes. I didn't feel weird about reminding him about Poe Day as he asked me to remind him to tell the class about Poe Day. (It's a thing all the English classes do on October 8th.) 

It was kind of fun. 


  1. Nice to have someone to work well together. Oh, those poor kids. The Crucible... Do they at least tie it into history and McCarthyism in US history? I hate reading plays. Maybe it's good Mr. D read it to the class.

    1. Oh yes, they do a whole history thing and make sure they understand the background. And he read it *with* the class. They get to play parts.

    2. That makes it more fun then!

  2. It's nice to work with a friend. There's that familiarity and ease that makes it a pleasure.

  3. I'm happy you had the joy of working with someone proficient and friendly. Teamwork can be great, for sure.

    1. I seem to know a bunch of subs. I think we regular subs stick together.


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