Thursday, March 18, 2021

Football Season

It's Sunday. I write all my blog posts over the weekend, and I have for many years. It's simpler that way. 

Before getting to the blog writing, I did a quick perusal of my emails. When I got to my "student" account, I found another email from Khalil. 

Khalil is an eleventh grader in my fourth period class. He's on the football team. And his grade is not where it should be to make him eligible to play football. 

Yes, I know it's spring. But CIF shut down school sports in the fall. As COVID cases have fallen, they've allowed a modified spring schedule, including the sports we lost in the fall. The first high school football games were played last weekend. 

He's been saying that he needs to get his grade up. I told him he needs to complete his missing work (of which there is a lot). Yesterday (Saturday), I graded the two things he submitted, so his grade did rise... to about 33%. 

But today, he said that I had not graded his essay assignments. 

I took over this English class the last week of February. Before that, Mr. P had been the sub. The essay assignments had been assigned under him. In January. 

This is a case of "a lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part". But while Khalil has been persistent, he hasn't been rude about it. So, I'll grade the assignments (for partial credit due to them being so late). 

I doubt they'll be much help. His grade is so low at this point. But at least he's trying. 


  1. We are doing high school football in the spring, too, here on Long Island. It's weird.

    Nice of you to help him out, but I think the young man's season is done.

    1. He's still trying. Those assignments got his grade up to a 50%. Not out of F territory, but closer.

  2. Nice of you to do but doesn't sound like he'll be playing football any time soon.

  3. High schools are being stricter than some universities! My son teaches at one, my daughter attends another. Both are pass/fail, and when late a professor told my daughter to send him her outline. He could see she had done it, so passed her. I think even the instructors are sick of it all by now. It's so hard for some students to do only virtual, I understand why they fall behind.

    1. They've done away with F grades this year, turning them into a "No Mark". I'm trying to be flexible, but at some point, it's just not done. I can't give As for attendance. (Well, in cheer, but this was an English class.)

  4. He's only trying because now there's something he actually wants. Maybe if he thought ahead, this wouldn't have happened.

  5. If only the motivator (footy) had been there all along... You don't need to have a specific grade to play team school sport in Australia. I always puzzle at that one.

    Here they encourage kids to play sport, especially if their grades are low. They use it as a peer modelling situation, with mature, level headed sporty kids with good grades mentoring those not-so-much.

  6. I'm clueless what going on with our local school dist. I know here there all open.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  7. I can see how badly the kids want to get back to the ground. And good to see Khalil wants to see his grades go up.


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