Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Early Removal

Eighth grade English. I was covering for a special ed teacher who co-teaches with two different general ed teachers. But, all the English teachers plan their lessons together, so all the eighth grade English classes (and the other grades as well) are doing the same thing on the same day. 

I co-taught with two different teachers, but both of them did the same lesson. 

It was day one of their Holocaust unit. 

The largest component of this unit is the reading of The Diary of Anne Frank. But before they get to the literature, they do some preliminary work. 

The way their history classes are structured, they don't learn anything about World War II until tenth grade. While some of them might have picked up some knowledge from various media and such, most of them don't know anything at all. 

So, day one was all about some background info on WWII. 

We watched a short video that gave a bare bones overview of the war. And then they had questions to answer. 

Sixth period. Ms. W was doing the questions with the kiddos. I had the document up on my other computer (yes, I have two computers) so I could follow along. As she typed in an answer, I replicated it in the chat so those students who had a hard time reading it as a presented doc on the screen could see it. 

Then suddenly, the doc gave a warning message saying I no longer had access to it. 


I tried to refresh the screen, and all of the classes for the day in Google Classroom were gone. I had been removed. 

We still had ten minutes in class. 

When we subs are added to a class for the day, we have teacher access. But we don't need to retain teacher access for classes after our day in the class. Depending on the school, it may take a day to get removed, or I might remove myself. 

This was the first time I got removed while in class. 

I was still in the meet, so I was able to get the info for the questions from what the other teacher presented. The students didn't notice. 

I know some days I'm anxious to get done with class. Now I know that someone is more anxious than me.


  1. Oophs! Seems odd they don't learn about WWII until so late in HS, doesn't it make it hard to learn all the things associated with that time in history. Hope you're staying well, staying safe from Covid and are able to get your shots soon, if you've not yet gotten them.

    1. I don't know how they do it elsewhere, so it just seems normal to me. The more recent history is taught in high school.

  2. If it's office staff who controls that they are definitely anxious. I remember the principals secretary at the school where I worked came out one day at 2pm and started locking all the office doors. Meanwhile the bell didn't ring for dismissal until 2:15 and our office didn't close until 3 lol.

  3. In days of covid.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  4. I remember when I read Diary of Anne Frank in school. For me personally it was very hard because I also coming from country where was war.

    New Post -

  5. I can tell that you are a good and conscientious teacher. Some subs would be delighted to have class time cut short. Not you. You want your "kiddos" to have all their class time and to do their best.

  6. This is all confusing to me. lol Good thing nobody relies on my modern tech knowledge.

  7. You'll so so happy when the schools can reopen safely full time, I have a feeling. I watched a tiny bit of the 10 minute history and found (why am I amazed?) there are a lot of these "really short history" videos. I should watch a couple, just as refreshers, because I have forgotten so much.

    1. I'm actually rather enjoying teaching from my bed. And classroom control is so much easier this way. I will miss this when we go back to in person.

  8. That's weird that the removal isn't a little more consistent.

    1. It's dependent on school, first. Then, it's not like there are that many subs on any given day. We had more work in person.


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