Friday, February 20, 2015

Trivia Crack

Business math. This is a class filled with juniors and seniors who need an extra year of math but don't want to take a class like algebra 2 or calculus.

The teacher has uploaded all the necessary notes to the school's website. And she's obtained permission for her classes to use their smartphones to access those notes in class.

Cool, right?

In theory. In practice...

"My phone can't access the site."

"I don't have a phone."

"The file's too big for me to download."

Of course, there are examples in the textbooks too. I could help them out. They could double up and get the notes along with a friend who has a phone that will work. Two boys asked for and were granted permission to go to the library to access the Internet there. But what did the majority of the class do?

Trivia Crack.

Apparently, their phones work just fine for the Trivia Crack app.

"It's educational..."

And it's the last day before a four-day weekend. And they have a sub. And they're not that into math anyway.


  1. Say "Educational" and like magic, you can access any site you want ;).

  2. Sounds good to me! I was surprised kids are allowed to have their phones in school but my stepdaughter said they use them to look things up a lot!

  3. I am guilty as I play that game:) but not at work! I always thought phones should not be permitted in the class but I never thought they would use it for school they???

  4. Never heard of that App (which might be a good thing :) Yep, I'm sure they were thinking other things other than math if it was before a 4 day weekend :)


    1. Trying to get them to do anything before a four-day weekend...

  5. I feel like that every Friday afternoon. It's hard to motivate myself let alone tired kids. I wish we had a four day weekend coming up :)

  6. I figured for sure someone was going to say "But they're supposed to be getting an education" on your comments. Good for you, giving them a bit of a break.

    I tried Trivia Crack. I wasn't crazy about it. I suppose it's somewhat more educational than my current game of choice, "Dumb Ways To Die."

    1. I didn't let them play Trivia Crack. I just didn't stop them. I suppose I should have tried, but I just wasn't in the mood for that battle.

  7. I can hear the whine in their voices, all the way from here.


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