Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Beanies and Barefoot Sandals

So, when one knits things that are items to be worn, one has to find models when one wants to show off those items. At least, if one wants those items to look like they should look.

Take, for example, a simple beanie...

It doesn't really show you what it looks like, does it? Now, if someone, like, for example, my father wears it...

Then you get a better idea of scale. And how the thing looks on.

A couple years back I knitted some barefoot sandals...

And tried to show them off taking selfies of my feet (this is hard to do)...

But it just didn't work. No, I needed someone to help me out...

Better? How about this?

Well, I guess I'd like them better on someone else's feet.

The beanie is on sale at my shop now. The barefoot sandals are currently inactive. (They'll be back on sale come summer time.) Although, I do have something seasonal currently active...

What do you think of my pictures? Please be honest. I know they still need work.


  1. I think we're all more comfortable with someone else modeling our creations. =) The sandals are super cute.

  2. I like your photos, your dad looks like a fun model. The one suggestion I'd make for your photos is to have a less 'busy' background. The barefoot sandals have a nice plain setting with the ground and the water, whereas the background for the beanie has plants in it which distracts from the hat a little. :-)

  3. Those earrings are so cute! And the beanie. Your dad is a great model :)

  4. I think they look great; I like the first picture of your dad. He's almost doing the duckface!

  5. In that first picture of the sandals, I thought they were a bathing suit top. I was thinking, "Well...that might not cover everything...!" There's an idea for your next project, though.

  6. I'm trying to think how you took the picture of you modeling the sandals. That was cleverly done. I do like them. Your dad is a great model for the beanie! Love the earrings!!


  7. Your Dad looks like a cool dude. I think your pictures are great. The earrings would be perfect for St Patrick's Day.

    1. Yeah, the earrings are my only seasonal item (currently). I found this shamrock crochet pattern and I couldn't resist.

  8. I like the pictures and your dad's sideways glance made me giggle. Love the beanie hat. The first picture of the sandals I thought they were a bikini top which would be very wild indeed. I am impressed with how you took a picture of your feet


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