Monday, November 10, 2014


It doesn't matter how well I plan, once I jump in and do it, sometimes it just comes out wrong.

Last week I showed off my knitted archery target Christmas ornaments...

This was my second try.

I swatched and planned. Calculated. Figured out how many rows I wanted for each stripe. And forgot to account for the cast on row.

Can't tell how big the bullseye is? How about this view?

Yep, that needed a do-over.

Needed any do-overs lately?


  1. I'm always redoing things Liz. If only I had the patience to do things properly in the first place I'd save myself a lot of time.

    1. Sometimes you just need one to learn on, I think.

  2. Do overs? All the time. I undid days of work on a sewing pattern because of an error that, while it wouldn't have greatly harmed the final product, bothered me too much to leave.

    I'm sure any cats that decide to play with your ornament will notice that the bulls-eye is too big :)

  3. I don't know, it looks good to me!

  4. I too think it looks good. I'm trying to think of any recent do overs and nothing comes to mind, which might be a good thing :)


  5. I think it looks great!!! I knew instantly it was a bullseye.

    1. Yeah, but the bullseye is way too big. About twice the size of the other stripes which will never do.


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