Monday, November 3, 2014

Burying the Lead

It was a crazy day. The 6th grade teachers were meeting with the middle school teachers all day. Each period I went to a different class so that that teacher could attend.

It was kind of nice. I got to do something different just about every period.

Some teachers left lesson plans on their desks. Others were there when I arrived and explained what to do.

I arrived for my 5th period assignment a bit early. The 7th grade math teacher gave me the rundown. Simple enough stuff. They were working with number lines. I was to go over their homework, explain the assignment (notes were on the board), and give them time to work.

The bell rang. Before letting the kiddos in, the teacher left me with one final thought:

"It's after lunch. There are 27 boys in this class. They can be a bit wild. Good luck."

Yikes! You couldn't have led with that?

(The class was as bad as advertised. I bet Mr. T was thrilled to go to the meeting for that period.)


  1. ugh-that is like a horror film with the ending be a huge surprise. Glad you got through it

  2. Hahahaha! She didn't want to risk you disappearing before class started. =)

    Unleashing the Dreamworld

  3. "They can be a bit wild. Good luck."
    That's a great way to leave things. It makes for an amusing story, though.

  4. Haha! 27 boys??? Oh my!! You DID have your hands full! :)

  5. That's a pretty scary thought to leave you with. Sounds like she was glad to get out of there!

    1. I think he was. He's a pretty laid back guy, but those kids would try anyone.

  6. 27 boys! How big was the class?


  7. 27 boys! Yikes! I have heaps more boys in my class than girls and I'm sure it makes a difference. In a not so great way.

    1. That was Mr. T's point when he told me. You'd think they would balance these things better.


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