Friday, November 21, 2014

Different Sub, Different Lie

"Nah, she's chill."

I glared at Anthony. I was not so chill as to let him sit in some random seat anywhere he wanted. Although, he seemed to think I was going to. I disabused him of that notion soon enough, and he found his assigned seat.

It was a 12th grade government class, 5th period. And they came in like a herd of elephants.

(5th periods have been interesting lately. Probably because they're right after lunch.)

I talked to Mr. T before school. He told me that the last time he was out, the class had convinced the previous sub that Mr. T allows the students to eat in class. Mr. T was less than pleased, so he wanted to make sure I was aware of the rules.

Interestingly enough, no one tried to convince me they were allowed to eat in class. (I guess when Mr. T said he was furious, he meant he let them have it.) But they tried to convince me of other things.

Mr. T clearly outlined his restroom policy. The students must write "I will use the restroom at the proper time". They only have to write it 20 times before they go. If they leave the room first, they must write it 30 times.

All day I reminded students of this policy. They all seemed okay with it. A couple decided not to go (which is the point of such policies--if you really have to go, you'll be okay with the standards, if not, it won't be worth the effort).

5th period told me, "We don't have to write standards for subs."

Um, really? You sure about that?

They backed off pretty quick when it looked like I was taking down the names of those who insisted this was true. (I wasn't. I was writing down the name of the student who had just left.)

I did see Mr. T before I left for the day. I made sure to let him know about the seating chart lie (and Anthony specifically, who it turns out has been an issue for Mr. T before) and the restroom pass standards thing. I have a feeling they won't be trying those lies on the next sub.


  1. I really, really dislike restrictive restroom policies. You shouldn't have to jump through hoops for permission to use the bathroom.

  2. LOL, all I can think is that old joke about the teacher telling the student to say his ABCs before he could go to the bathroom. He skipped P. When she pointed out that he'd left out the P, he said, "No, I didn't. It's running down my leg."

  3. What amazes me is that the students think they can pull one over the sub and like the sub is not going to report to the teacher what went on in the classroom.


  4. Students just can't help themselves. They're so good at wasting time! It's good that you can't keep things running smoothly--I'm sure teachers appreciate that.

  5. What amazes me is how things have not really changed in 40 years. The same crap kids pulled when I was young is the same they pull now


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