Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Archery Target Christmas Tree Ornament

About 15 years ago, I knitted some Christmas tree ornaments. I did take pictures, but they are on film...somewhere... (I'm sure I can find them, but I don't want to go hunting them down at this moment.) I gave the finished products away as gifts.

This year, I thought I'd make some more.

I've been swatching since about August. Getting the sizing right is important, especially since knitting a sphere is a challenge.

But once I got somewhat of a sphere figured out, I then flashed on this...

...and thought it might make a cute ornament. What do you think?

I think next I'll try beads (and not an archery target stripey pattern).


  1. Very cool. I love both. We have a family ornament exchange every year, and each of the sisters in the family have to come up with a new and creative ornament. I could never see myself doing something this involved, but my mom totally would. =)

    Unleashing the Dreamworld

  2. That is cute! But I can just picture one of my cats tearing it off the tree and running away with it :)

  3. It IS cute. I can see one in green and red festive colours. At least they wouldn't smash all over the floor like the glass ones.

    1. Yep, that is one of the positives. They definitely don't break.

  4. The colors are very festive and they would look great on a tree. It's hard to tell the actual size from the photos.

  5. Love the hat! Too bad I don't have anyone in that age group to wear it! The ornaments are cute! Good luck with what you decide to do with them! I probably won't put up a tree this year (or ever again if I can help it), otherwise I might have to get at least one of them :)


  6. very cool hate and a very festive ornament. You can do so many different colours-really nice

  7. I love the design, especially the hat. :-)


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