Friday, October 17, 2014

Senior Superlatives

It was Friday in the senior government class. They had an assignment, but most ignored it in favor of the other things I passed out to them.

First, they were to write their senior quote. They get to pick a quote that goes along with their picture in the yearbook. They were limited to 125 characters.

Then, they got to vote for the senior superlatives. You know what I'm talking about. They used to have "most likely to succeed". Nowadays, they have things like "class clown", "best hair", "most likely to return as a teacher", etc.

Helpfully, they included a list of every senior on the page. But this didn't help the group.

In 5th period, one of the students came up to the board to put up "suggestions" for the class. Decided by her and her group of friends. The other seniors mostly ignored her, although she was open to their suggestions as well.

I warned her that she was making a case for "most likely to return as a teacher". She didn't like that. She wants to be a teacher, but not at this school. (She might have mentioned elementary school.)

At some point she got done and went back to her seat. But a bit later she rushed to the board. There was one name she just had to add.

A boy chased after her. He absolutely, positively did not want her to put his name up.

What did he not want to be remembered as?

Most likely to become a millionaire.

Really? He did not want to have this in front of his name?

After a bit of back and forth, I had to step in. If the boy didn't want to be "most likely to become a millionaire", then the girl had to back off and not put his name up. And eventually she relented.

No, I did not ask why not. I should have. I know that. Now.


  1. Oh man! I wish you had. I would love to know why.

  2. Now I'm all curious, too.

    Most likely to return as a teacher is funny. That's the one I wouldn't want to be.

  3. I am curious what would be so bad about that! Maybe he's secretly a millionaire already and he doesn't want to be outed. We probably could come up with tons of creative reasons!

    1. Yeah, I have no idea why someone wouldn't want to be a millionaire. Then again, maybe he just doesn't want the pressure.

  4. How strange...I would be happy to considered someone destined to be a millionaire! I think Stephanie is right and he is already wealthy beyond measure and doesn't want anyone to find out! He wants to be liked for his sense of style or rakish personality!

  5. Maybe he's really superstitious and believes that if he's listed as most likely to become a millionaire it will guarantee that he'll always be poor. Similar to wishing "break a leg" to actors.

  6. Maybe he didn't want classmates to check up on him when he was a millionaire and ask him for a loan :)

    My brother got "prettiest hair" when he was a senior, LOL. At the time, imagine 1974 when long hair was not common on guys. He did have gorgeous long hair, LOL. (There was also a girl with prettiest hair too). Now he's bald :)


  7. He was probably kidding to her and she decided to put it up and he didn't want to get dissed by his friends and be made fun of. Just thinking. I never cared for those things and statements-seems to try to pidgeonhole a person and it is usually proven wrong later anyway


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