Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Picture Fail

Ages ago (I just checked. It was February) I talked about selling some lacy fingerless gloves just as soon as I got some pictures of them. And, well, I'm still working on it.

I got some pictures taken, but there was an issue...

Wouldn't you think I'd've noticed the pronounced shadows when I took the pictures?


  1. Eh, camera eyes are different from human eyes. The gloves look good though :)

  2. Nice gloves. I agree with the comment above -- camera eyes always are always different, betraying us at times.

  3. Let me know if you do start selling them. I could have definitely used them when we lived in Montana. My hands would get so cold as I was working. It is hard to get pictures sometimes, but I thought you did a pretty good job here.


  4. The pictures still came out well enough. I know what you mean about the shadows-It is so hard but the colours came out really well and the look of them too

  5. You can still see what they look like. I'd love to live in a climate that warranted glove wearing.

    1. These are more for fashion than for warmth. We rarely get that cold, but occasionally we do. You guys never get cold?

  6. I'd love to live in a climate where gloves were an option. Most of the winter I need lined mittens to keep from freezing my fingers off. Fashion gloves of any type aren't very popular in Minnesota.


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