Thursday, October 30, 2014

Read the Schedule

Fifth period is right after lunch. The bell rang, and I opened the door. I had put up their assignment on the board, and I was ready for them all to enter.

I waited.

Three minutes into the passing period, and no students were arriving. Um...

A student poked her head in.

"We meet over in..."

Oh, right! I did see that.

Every morning when I check in, along with the room key I'm given a teacher schedule. It has all the teacher's periods listed along with the room number the teacher is in. Normally, the room number for each period is the same.

I did notice that 5th period was in a different room. Then I got busy with the day and periods one through four.

It completely slipped my mind that I was supposed to be in a different room for period 5. My oops.

I quickly grabbed all my stuff and ran over there (luckily it was only three doors away). We were in the room and ready to go before the tardy bell.

I really should pay closer attention to these things. (It would have helped if the teacher had mentioned it in the lesson plan. However, she explained the oversight when I saw her after school that day. So, mostly my fault.)


  1. It was kind of the student to tell you that you were in the wrong room.

    In most high schools in Japan, teachers go to different classrooms each period. If teachers do not show up for one reason or another, most students are not likely to go to the office to look for them. Instead, they will have a good time chatting or playing games.

    1. There was a time when there were more travelling teachers. Now, the facilities are mostly sufficient to house them all.

  2. I bet all the kids were talking about how they only had to wait ten minutes for you to show up and then they could leave. (Not sure where that rumor came from; it's just what we always used to say when there was a missing teacher)

  3. Very nice of the student and you must have been tired as I have a feeling you are usually way on top of things

  4. Weird that the one class met in a different room and I'm assuming the room you were originally in was empty for that time period?


  5. I wouldn't feel bad Liz. It's chaotic and unpredictable in the school setting. I bet you're not the first.

  6. LOL! We all make mistakes, eh? That's just crazy that they move the classes to different rooms though. How's a teacher supposed to stay oriented or set up?

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