Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Incident

"What happened here? Puke?"

It was towards the end of the passing period into period 4 when the janitor arrived. There was enough commotion with students arriving and getting settled that I didn't have to worry about attracting the students' attention with my explanation.

Period 3. The students were watching Super Size Me. (Health class.) As I do when a video plays (over and over and over again all day), I occupied myself with other things, but with a vantage point where I could watch all of them.

I noticed movement, and looked up to see the student fall out of his seat.

My first thought was that he had fallen asleep. I dismissed that in an instant. I picked up the phone and called for help.

(The first time this sort of thing happened in class, I froze. I didn't handle it much better this time, but this time I handled it better.)

"What happened?" The boy, now alert, got up off the floor.

At this point the video was forgotten, as every student's attention was on the boy. Most stood, but none crowded him. Someone explained. Then security arrived, radioed to the office that the boy was up and alert, and escorted the boy away.

After he left, I noticed the wet spot on the carpet.

Period 4 was curious as to why the janitor was in class, scrubbing the carpet with bleach. I gave some vague answer. I didn't want to tell them about the incident. Not that they won't hear about it--they just won't hear about it from me.

Period 5 had heard.

I'm glad these sorts of things are rare. I hope the boy is okay.


  1. Goodness. I feel sorry for the kid. Pretty miserable to have that happen in front of all your friends. =(

  2. He had a seizure? That's a pretty scary thing for everyone, including the poor sub. I'm glad he didn't hit his head.


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