Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Picture of My Feet (Sorry!)

Sometimes it takes me a long time to get around to writing out a pattern. I take good notes and all, but for some reason the sitting down and making it neat portion takes more effort.

Remember my barefoot sandals?

The date on that blog post is from last summer. I just this week made the pattern available. (You can purchase it here if you want it. It's only $2.)


And of course I missed the whole "announce your A to Z Challenge theme" thing last week. Yes, I'll be doing the challenge this time around. But not much is going to change around here. My challenge is going to be to do my usual, only fitting it to the alphabet. I think I can do it.

Will you be A to Z-ing?


  1. I am definitely doing the a-z fest - should be fun :)

  2. Your usual sounds great to me :). Good luck with the challenge. It's definitely beyond my ability to post 26 days out of the month.


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