Thursday, March 28, 2013

Higher Education Expense

Last week was the Career Fair at the continuation high school. The presentation in the room I was in was for a local private college. And as happens when you hear the same presentation for the third or fourth time, my mind started to wander.

College. Expensive. Charging tuition to students who might not necessarily have it. Student loans. Crushing debt.

What if there was some way to make it so future employers (the corporations who need the workers) could foot the bill for college so as to not burden the students with future crushing debt?  

It would mean a restructuring of the whole educational system. What would a future world where this was the case look like? How could such a thing work? Could it work?

My mind can go to strange and foreign places when it wanders...

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  1. That would be a great system for the students--I'm sure the businesses would have something to say about giving up the money, though. It annoys me that they might end up vetting 18-year-olds to see which ones would be "worth the risk".


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