Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Rolling Their Own

It had been three weeks since I was last at the continuation high school. Then when I do get there, a teacher who never leaves a video for his students left a video for his students.


It was a U.S. History class, and they were studying World War II. The video was an overview of the 1940s. (Of course they were supposed to take notes. It was a standard video assignment.)

In one segment, the narrator discussed shortages and rationing during the war. He talked about how cigarettes were in such short supply that many people rolled their own (accompanied by film of a woman at dinner rolling a cigarette).

The students all reacted to this scene. Loudly. (Although, I was pleased that they were paying attention enough to notice.)

And every period I reminded the students that what they were rolling in those cigarettes was tobacco.

I knew my audience. They needed that disclaimer.


  1. That's hilarious! Of course that's what they thought. I wonder what they'd think about something like Reefer Madness.


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