Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Beware of Assistant Principal

"Look out! Ms. B is coming."

Most of the time I'm strict with regards to things like cell phones. But this was one of those elective classes where the students had earned a little slack. (The class was Link Crew. These were the Link Crew leaders.) They had an assignment. Some were even doing it.

Their cell phones were out. So, someone did the usual. What's interesting is what name they use to scare the rest of the class. (In this case, it was one of the assistant principals. The school has three.)

Then the classroom phone rang. It was Ms. B. She wanted the teacher. I told her the teacher was out.

Not 10 minutes later, a student spied Ms. B entering a nearby classroom. "Better watch out," they warned (each other).

I couldn't understand the paranoia. Besides the phones (which would disappear the minute they heard the door open), they weren't doing anything they needed to worry about. (If this had been an academic class, they would have needed to have books out and be doing something. But this was the kind of class where they kind of hang out for an hour.)

They explained. Apparently, Ms. B would find something to write the students up for. A couple claimed that she had a dislike of them. One said she would find a dress code issue. (The student didn't appear to be out of dress code.)

Students often complain that they're targeted for no good reason. So, we waited. But Ms. B didn't drop by the class. (She wouldn't. She knew the teacher wasn't there.)

Well, if I ever cover this class again, I know who to threaten them with (not that it would come to that).


  1. Always nice, I guess, to have that Ms. B weapon in your back pocket.

  2. I feel for those kids. I had a principal like that. It's not fun at all.


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