Thursday, March 14, 2013

Seeing the Unseeable

You know how the mind finds images in randomness--in clouds, stars, stucco on walls? They say we try to make sense of these things by forming patterns with our minds. We find things that aren't really there.

But what if those things were really there?

What if there are beings (ghosts, spirits, aliens, what-have-yous) that we can't perceive through our normal senses, but we do catch echos of them--in the patterns around us?  


  1. This is almost like a quantum physics question. Einstein once asked his partner "Can you prove to me the moon is there if no one is looking for it?"
    He answered "No."

    It's kind of the same question if you think about it. Maybe that's kind of how the Q in Star Trek work. They became so evolved and so powerful, that literally anything they could imagine would become real if they wanted it to be. Thus at that point, they got bored with their godlike powers.

  2. That's a cool thought. The patterns people dismiss as coincidence have a meaning that we can't quite interpret. I wonder what they'd be trying to say...


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