Monday, January 14, 2013

The Non-Pink Bunny Costume

I'd like to know when I became Aunt Clara.

Remember this scene from A Christmas Story? The pink bunny costume?

My sister-in-law tasked me with making birth announcement costumes for her unborn twins. The tortoise and the hare.

First the tortoise...

Isn't he cute? The other participant in the tale is the hare...  

While finishing up the ears, a thought occurred to me. That is, my sister-in-law is having twin boys. And suddenly I felt like Aunt Clara.  

So, nephew who gets stuck in the hare costume, my apologies. It wasn't my idea. Blame your mother. Although, it is a cute idea, and you'll note the decided lack of pink. That was deliberate. 

The hare still needs a couple finishing touches, though. A button to keep the diaper cover closed. And I'm considering making a fuzzy pom-pom tail. What do you think? Tail, or no tail? 

And please, tell me this doesn't look too girly. Please.  


  1. Hmm, I'm torn on the tail. Lying on his back, the tail may not be comfortable, or seen. But if she does the tummy photos, it could be really cute.

    Very good work, though. :) And I don't think the hare looks girly at all.

  2. I rather like it. But I think all of your knitting looks really fashionable.

  3. I agree, not girly, just cute :)

  4. They are so cute!! And no, not too girly :) Well done!

  5. It's totally perfect for a baby, but maybe not the tail if only because it might be uncomfortable to lay on.

    And don't worry. He's not a nine year old like Ralphie. I'm sure when he's a teenager, he'll be just as embarrassed over the pictures of him in it as his brother the tortoise.


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