Friday, January 18, 2013

Wild Binky Hunt

Last Thursday, I did a little babysitting. My 2 1/2-year-old nephew.

He wears a binky all the time. It's attached to a strap that's attached to his clothing. But frequently it falls off.

The third time he asked me where his binky had gone, I had no idea. (The first two times I knew exactly where it was and pointed it out.) I asked him when he had had it last.

Yes, I know that was a stupid question to ask a 2-year-old. I did it anyway.

Then we went on a binky hunt. Where could the thing be?

For some reason, this hunt required me to affect an accent. It was sort of quasi British with a bit of a Southern twang thrown in. It was a strange voice. BooBoo thought so as well.

"Stop talking strange," he told me.

I suppose I should have. But I was in a silly mood. So, even though I knew I was annoying the child, I kept it up. Probably to annoy him.

Since "stop talking strange" didn't work, BooBoo asked me to just "stop talking".

We found the binky. It was under the dining table. And then BooBoo found Russian cartoons on YouTube and mellowed out for the night.

The silly voice? I was done with it by then.


  1. This made me laugh. My nieces call my father-in-law Binky and we have found him under the dining room table before. Weird coincidence. =)

    There are Russian cartoons on YouTube? I must find them immediately!

  2. ...Russian cartoons? Well, he's an interesting one.

  3. Binky! Funny, I was just recently trying to think of the synonym for pacifier . . . and here it is. Anyway.

    I'm impressed he likes Russian cartoons.


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