Friday, January 11, 2013

Hood Attitude

The schools have a dress code. (They don't have uniforms.) Much of it is common sense--nothing too revealing, no gang affiliations, that sort of thing. It's not unreasonable (except for the prohibition of interesting hair colors, but that's for another post), but they're teens, so they must fight it anyway.

The big one is hoods.  

Students are not allowed to wear anything covering their heads indoors (exceptions are made for religious reasons). Especially, no hoods. 

Of course, hoodies are very popular. They can wear hoodies. They just have to put the hoods down in class.  

So, every day I must remind a student or two (or three) to remove their hoods. Some put them right back up after I pass, but for the most part it's a non issue. 

I did not notice the girl with her hood up. She slumped down in a corner. I was busy with other things.  

Another teacher dropped in. (I was covering two classes together in one room. Ms. B had come to check up on her students while she had a break.) She noticed the girl with her hood up. The girl wasn't one of Ms. B's students, but it's so common it's automatic.  

"Remove your hood." She might have even said please. 

The girl was incensed. She argued.  

All the girl had to do was remove her hood. She could put it back up when Ms. B left (because obviously I missed it). But no. 

So, Ms. B removed the girl from class.  

Of all the things to get sent to the office about...  

(For the record, if I had noticed the hood up, I would have asked her to remove it, too. But sometimes these things slip by me.)  


  1. Some people hate being told what to do, and they break the rules simply to get themselves into an argument. The girl will probably be congratulating herself for standing up for her "rights".

    I MAY be speaking from personal experience here.

  2. Covering two classes is a big job. Your eyes can't be everywhere. Too bad the other teacher became so confrontational.


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