Monday, January 28, 2013

Plotting, Planning, and Designing

I get these strange ideas sometimes.

A couple years ago (longer?), I saw this pillow thing in a catalog. I thought it was a clever idea, but it only came in green, and I didn't really want to buy it. Interesting, but not interesting enough to go to all the trouble of ordering.

But it got me thinking.

At any one time, I have several ideas stewing. And I wondered if I could knit a pillow like that. But wondering is where it stayed until last weekend.

I'm not sure what brought it to life. I had some time in class to ponder how I could knit an equilateral triangle. And once I solved that little problem, I knew what I should do.

In my head for 2+ years. On the needles for two days...

And to the use for which it was intended...  

I'm not sure. It works fine on a level surface. But when I'm lying in bed (where I do the bulk of my reading), the angle is wrong.  

Perhaps I need to make a bigger one.  

Ah well. Back to the proverbial drawing board.  


  1. I like that, but I would want it to stand the iPad a little more verticle.

  2. Well, it was your first time making one. There's bound to be a few kinks to work out.

    I think you did a great job. Maybe it would stabilize if it was wider, with a heavier bottom.


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