Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Testing on the Fly

The history teacher relayed his lesson plans over the phone. The class was supposed to have a test, but he had not been on campus to set it up. (Family emergency. Last minute.)

My instructions were to find the study guides (four of them), pick 30 random questions (no multiple choice), and read these questions to the class.

I picked random questions. Stuff that I thought was interesting. Questions that contained words I could pronounce (names). This didn't limit my choices too much, since I had over 100 questions to choose from.

Some students take tests in a different room. So, of course there was a student who needed to go. And needed a printed version of the test. A version I did not have.

Then, in another class, we got through the whole thing, but one student was off by one. He asked to see my version of the test so that he could figure out where he lost track. But "my version" was his study guide with the numbers I (sort of) randomly picked marked.

(He skipped question #9.)

Ah well. These are the things that we must make do with at times like these. Things I can live with. These problems are so much easier than dealing with a day with no lesson plans whatsoever. (And it helped that they were juniors. They're better at rolling with things.)

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  1. Sounds like you handled it well. Good thing you can think on your feet.


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