Friday, August 10, 2012

Wake Up Shake

It's been a while since I wrote one of these...

Tuesday had been a warm day, so I had everything open when I went to bed. I was buried in a book. The Olympics were on in some nearby house, and the sounds of cheers drifted in my window. Not loud enough to disturb. Comforting, sort of.

Then the bed shook. I assumed that the cat was fidgeting again, so I turned to hiss at her. She was still, looking at me with wide eyes. Well, if it wasn't the cat, then there was only one other thing it could be.

I turned on the TV. It's been affixed to channel 4 since the Olympics began. I knew they weren't going to break in with this minor news, so I flipped to channel 7. They were talking of something else. So, over to channel 2 I went, and the news anchors had just started discussing the earthquake they felt in the studio. Success!

I got the pertinent details, and I went back to my book.

I stayed up way too late reading, so the follow up earthquake acted as an alarm. This time there was no blaming the cat. The only question was--foreshock or aftershock.

Since they both measured the same on the Richter scale, I still have no idea. Ah well. If you don't hear from me again, we can assume that it was a foreshock.

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  1. I've lived through only one earthquake. It was weird. I thought my brother was shaking the bed at the time but no one was in the room.


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