Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Seven Joses

Jose is a popular name, but I've never duplicated this particular day. This was originally posted on October 30, 2007.

The teacher I covered yesterday and today is also the boys soccer coach. So, 6th period I was out on the field "supervising".

One of my duties is to take roll. This I delegated to two of the older boys on the team.

I was watching over them as they went through the roll yesterday. I barely noted it when they called out for two different Joses (Jose is a popular name around here). It was at about the fifth that I started to wonder. Exactly how many Joses were on this team?

Seven. I counted.

There were 55 students on the roll sheet. That works out to nearly 13%. Nearly 13% of the soccer team is named Jose.

Oh, and I got to say three words that I never thought I'd ever say (as I avoid covering P.E. classes as much as I can): "Take a lap".

Another popular name was Brittany. Once I covered an 8th grade class with four Brittanies, and each girl spelled her name differently. 

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  1. Isn't "Jose" sort of Spanish for "Joe?" Still, that seems a lot of Joses in one area.

    As for the Brittanies: My rule is this: You can name your kid whatever you like, but we have to agree on only ONE spelling per name. So we can't have Britney/Brittany/Britany/Britony, etc.

    Society would do well to follow me, because the Congress of 2052 is going to have a lot of weird names on the roll call.


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