Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Poison Ivy Fight

Sometimes I catch half a conversation, and it stops me cold. This one did. It was originally posted on February 12, 2010, and I still recall this exchange vividly.

"We once had a poison ivy fight. It was sooooo painful afterwards."

6th period hadn't started yet. (11th grade U.S. history.) The students were finding their seats. I happened to look over at the TA, and he started laughing. There was no help for it, I couldn't hold the laughter in.

The TA asked the question. The boy explained:

"We were weeding. We were wearing gloves. Then somebody happened to touch someone else's neck, and his neck got all red, and then..."

Apparently, the boys then threw poison ivy at each other. For a while. It was fun while they were throwing plants, but they paid for it later.  

The boy who prompted this story left the room to get some water (he started it all when he related a story of an ice fight). The TA was still laughing. And then the period started.

Sometimes... I do not understand the reasoning of 16-year-old boys. At least the TA got a kick out of it. He said that the story made his day.

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