Friday, April 27, 2012

A Visitor

I was so glad to see the end of 4th period. They were loud. They talked over the video. And once they "finished" the rest of their assignment (by randomly guessing), they were all over the place.

5th period started off so much nicer. They listened while I gave instructions. (That's all I ask, really.) And then I took roll.

I usually do a head count after taking roll. I compare the number of students I have in class to the number I have marked present. If they match, all is well. 5th period's numbers didn't match. I should have had 28 in class, but I counted 29.

That's when I spotted him.

The boy wore a black t-shirt with red lettering on it (some nonsense acronym I suspect). Under the t-shirt he had a polo shirt collar sticking out. I remembered the outfit. From 4th period.

I checked 4th period's "Take Attendance by Photo". Yep, he was from 4th period. Why he was still in class for 5th...

I haven't had "visiting student" issues in a long time. That's when a student who is not enrolled in the class sneaks in and hangs out. Usually, these students make as much mischief as possible. Other than that, I'm not sure what they get out of it. They are ditching whatever class they should be in. And if caught the punishment is usually a suspension.

As I went to start the video, I approached the boy. I asked him what he was still doing there.

He got all flustered. He said something about needing to talk to or to give something to the student he was seated next to. Then more in actions than in words he claimed that he zoned out and forgot to leave and go to his next class. Until I talked to him, he was working on something in his notebook (and causing no problems).

He quickly packed up his stuff. The class got wind of our conversation (I tried to keep it just between him and me), and they thought this was great entertainment. The boy left, apparently to go to his next class.

So, he was either very absent minded, or he was making up some excuse because he got caught. He claimed the former. It seemed like it was the former.

But I left his name for his teacher, just in case.


  1. Maybe he really didn't want to go to his next class. I can think of a few classes I would've liked to "forget"...

  2. Oh no. I hope he isn't mentally ill. That's too young to have mental illness. I've been dealing with this all week because my mom has dementia and needed to be committed to an assistive living facility. I feel great about my choice, but it was a big one. Best for her in the end since her small family does not have the free time to take care of her. The 40-hour work week and the rat race are a killer.


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