Monday, April 16, 2012

Another Purse

Last week I mentioned that I started a second purse to fix the perceived mistakes of the first. This past week I was able to finish that second purse.

The first modification I made was to the shape of the thing.

Those big square bites in the center? That gives the purse depth. (I saw how to do this on a sewing show. I can't find a good explanation online, but this kind of gives the idea in pictures.)  

Once the form was knit, then I sewed up the seams.  

The whole thing is kind of a mess, but that was deliberate. I made it big and open so that it would felt. Once the form was finished, I put it in a hot machine wash with towels until it felted. Then I attached the strap and got my final product.  

I had to do a little tweaking. The strap was too long, so I trimmed it down. Then the magnetic closure wasn't attached really well, so I had to take that off and redo. But as of this moment, I'm happy with it.  

Although, it's a bit larger than I like. I may have to make another one.  


  1. It's a little to colorful for my taste but if it works for you, that's all the approval you need.

  2. I'm enjoying the knitting series. You make such cool straps!

  3. Wow, nice. The colors are very vibrant. I really like the little chain attaching the strap to the purse. Great job :)


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