Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Here's another post from the way-back files. I originally posted this on May 22, 2007. 

I've been spending a lot of time at the continuation high school. Last Thursday and Friday I was covering the government teacher. And so since I was there on Thursday, I got to participate in the fun that is the buy out.

On Thursdays, if the students have been attending all their classes all week (and no tardies) and if they have been productive, they get to "buy out" and not have to come to school on Friday. Which means that all the "good" kids are gone on Fridays, which makes for an interesting day. But that's a different story.

So, I was given a list on this Thursday of who could and who could not buy out. Each period had maybe 4 names of those who could, and they still had to do enough work for my taste on Thursday to get me to sign their little paper. Pretty straightforward.

At the beginning of 1st period I got a whole slew of buy outs, and I went to each student who was on my "no buy out" list and told them this. There were only a couple students. And they were not happy. "I'm not going to do my work to punish Mr. H," one student informed me.

Um, you're not punishing him. I tried to explain this but got nowhere. Oh well.

One thing I learned from this experience--whenever I have a list of those who can't buy out, I don't tell them until the end of the period.

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  1. This is very complicated. What fun for a sub. I wouldn't want to tell them until the end of the class either.

    Punishing the teacher? That's pretty funny!


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