Wednesday, April 25, 2012


There was a warning in the lesson plan: note the names of any unproductive students. I warned 4th period of this. It was the newspaper class at the continuation high school. They all started out working on their articles.

For about 20 minutes.

Then one student was looking up the Illuminati online. (Don't even get me started on that.*) Another slipped over to the Forever 21 website and started looking at dresses. Then a third wondered how much it would cost to get a tux for prom, and off he went to find out. Next thing I knew, none of them were working on their articles.

Then their teacher walked in.

Ms. M was at some training or other at the district office. The continuation high school is practically right next door. So, when they broke for lunch, it wasn't that far to go for Ms. M to pop in.

The students were all on the computers facing away from the door. Ms. M was not pleased to see them not on task.

She stopped by to pick up finished essays. She scolded her class about not being on task. She reminded them that the paper was to be finished in a day or two, and she needed their finished articles. Then she left.

Did they get back to work? Of course not. But to be fair, they had typed in most of their articles before they lost focus.

*I keep hearing about this Illuminati thing from the students. They think it's real. Various sites do not help dispel this myth. (An example.)


  1. Isn't that a stupid Twilight thing?

  2. The Illuminati? Well, teenagers are gullible (I speak from personal experience).

    I'm sure they'll get the articles done. They'll start typing about five minutes before it's due (again, personal experience).

  3. It sounds like the same stories that have plagued people for centuries will continue to do so. People are always looking to others for conspiracy and control.


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