Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My First Posted Pattern

Remember a few weeks ago when I finished my iPhone cozy? Here's a picture...

I made a few modifications to the pattern and tried again, this time in red...

(You can't see the strap because it's much shorter in this version.)  

A couple kind people commented that they'd like to see the pattern, so I set out to write it down. And it took a bit longer than I expected.  

It isn't that the knitting is that difficult. It's just that trying to explain it in written form is a bit of a challenge. And the cable pattern is in chart form, which I love because it's really easy to work from, but finding a way to translate it into something to upload to the computer is a bit of a challenge. (I know there's software out there that does it, but then it's a matter of finding said software and figuring out how to use it.)  

I finally got it all figured out, and I was able to upload the pattern to Ravelry. It's called the Smart Phone Cable Cozy. (If you're a knitter or crocheter, you're already on Ravelry, right? Right?)  

So, now that I've figured that out, I think I might post some of my other patterns. I'm just not sure which ones. Ideas?  

And I thought about making the cozy for my shop, but I wonder if I should bother. Would any of you be interested in it? 


  1. I like the lighter color better than the red. I can make out the detail easier.

  2. Um, I'm a knitter/crocheter and I've never heard of Ravelry. I guess I'd better go check it out!


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