Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Yesterday was kind of upside down for me. I again covered the reentry class, so my school day started at noon. (It is highly unusual for the reentry teacher to be out twice in two weeks. She's rarely out at all.)

The class has two instructional aides (IAs). They had a stack of work to grade. They have a system. The students who are nearly ready to graduate go to the top of the stack.

They had a stack of government papers to grade for one student. It was kind of important. It was his final work.

While the IAs graded his work, he worked on his final project--a Power Point overview of the subject. He managed to finish and the IAs finished grading his work. Unfortunately, the Power Point had to be graded by the teacher.

We had about 20 minutes left of class. He had nothing left to do. He asked if he could go home. I looked at the IA. She looked at me. There was no reason to keep him, so we let him leave.

I don't feel too bad for him. Because the office was closed at that point, even if the teacher had been in class, the student wouldn't have been able to graduate then. There's paperwork to fill out and things to file. There are a few hoops to still jump through. And it's no fun to graduate when there's no one to hear the announcement.

So, by now it should be all done. I'm glad. I've had him in classes before, and he's a good kid. I'm so happy he finally finished his high school education.

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