Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Late for Opportunity

Monday night I stayed up longer than I normally do. I watched all my Monday night shows. I wasn't worried about getting to sleep--I was scheduled to cover the reentry class on Tuesday.

Monday morning the sub caller called me. She needed me to cover reentry on Tuesday and opportunity on Wednesday. While I would have rather skipped the opportunity class, I wasn't about to miss a day of work, so I accepted.

The reentry class starts at noon. The opportunity class starts at 8 AM.

Tuesday morning at 7:55 I got a call. The sub caller had mixed up the days. The reentry teacher was going to be out on Wednesday which meant that I was late for the opportunity class. Oops.

So, right now I'm covering the much nicer, calmer reentry class. (I'm scheduling this ahead.) And I'm really glad that the opportunity class was yesterday.


  1.'s no fault of your own that those days got all mixed up. But that sure doesn't make for a pleasant morning. I would be grumpy all day!

  2. Ah, the exciting life of a sub. I hope you caught up on sleep.

  3. That's why you were able to make it to Archer Girl's performance on time! See, it all worked out! ;)


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